Tips for Sugar Babies to Stay Safe When Sugar Dating

Every sugar baby will expect so much about sugar dating before they become one of the members of this world. They are right about how fun and sweet to be a sugar baby for a rich and successful man. It will not only help them with their financial problems, but also give them chances to become a better person guided by a successful man who has more experiences than them. However, even if the best sugar daddy dating site have been trying their best to avoid scam artists from joining the platform and scamming other members, chances are that you may still meet one of them if you are not careful enough. Except choosing the best sugar daddy websites to join, you should also follow some tips to stay safe all the time to prevent being hurt from those bad guys. Here are some tips for you to have a check:

1. Keep your personal information to yourself.
We always discourage you from sharing your personal information with sugar daddies that you meet online before you can trust him. However, there are also some scam artists who can make you to believe him that he is a rich man easily. So, we highly recommend that you need to keep your information to yourself all the time until you have met. Some information seems harmless. But those bad guys can always get something from those information that you share with them. And they can and they will use those information to hurt you and make you a victim of financial scams without your notice. Don’t be silly and naive when someone approaches you on a sugar dating site saying that he can offer you the highest allowance than other sugar daddies. Not a single rich man will be such a fool to say that before knowing you. So, just don’t share your real name, your home address, your work address, your school name, the names of your friends and etc. You can express your worries to that man that you are contacting if he asks about your information. Usually, a genuine sugar daddy will understand that and he will stop asking. They are easy to be identified if you can be careful.

2. Have a phone call before first date.
It is hard to know someone with only messages on a sugar babies website. You will never know whether he is a real sugar daddy or you even don’t know whether he is a man. But talking with them on the phone will give you another way to get to know this person. You can ask for things about him and see how he reacts. Usually, a rich man is a guy who is sociable and he knows how to talk with strangers without making others feel uncomfortable. Don’t insist on a guy who refuses to talk with you on the phone again and again. Real sugar daddies will never refuse that request because they have nothing to be afraid of. What’s more, you should get yourself a fake number before you make that request. You can use Google Voice to help since it will be free for you to get a number that can link to your real phone line. Then you can get calls from that number on your phone without telling others your real number.

3. Be careful when he asks to send you gifts.
It is an easy trick used by those fake sugar daddies. This way they can easily get your bank account or your home address, which can be used to track you. If he asks for your bank account information, you should always say no since it is not safe. You can send him your PayPal address and ask him to send allowance to your PayPal. If he asks for your home address to send you physical gifts, you can set up a P.O. Box and ask him to send gifts to it. This way will keep you safe. If he insists on asking your bank account information or your real home address, then you know what to do with this fake sugar daddy. Those information should be shared after you have been in a stable relationship with this sugar daddy. When he becomes the one that you know and you trust, then you can be free to allow him to know those information.

4. Always ask to meet in public places
No matter what kind of dating tips that you read, you might probably read this one. It is indeed one of the basic dating tips for all men and women who choose to date on a dating site, especially for sugar dating. To be honest, no matter how long you have connected with this guy online, you still don’t know whether he is real and friendly to others. It is always a good thing to be careful on your first meeting. With other people around you, he dares not to do something that will harm you. This means that you should not follow him to his place or allow him to send you home. You should refuse any requests that can make you and your sugar daddy to be alone on the first meeting gracefully. But, most sugar daddies you meet on those large sugar daddy dating site with a good reputation will be real and nice, which will bring you a fine and happy first meet. But being careful enough and keeping yourself safe is always good to yourself.

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