Review is a sugar daddy website which helps sugar daddies and sugar babies meet each other, no matter where they are located. Since the moment it made the first global launch in 2004, this sugar daddy dating site has been doing a great job and it promises its members that it will always try the best to provide a better and better dating place for them. So far as we know, this sugar dating website will release a new feature in the flowing several months and we can ensure every user here that this feature will be definitely helpful for all of them. Basically, SugarDaddyForMe is always a trustworthy dating website in our hearts.

How to Get Started?

Just like you would do with any other app, you need to sign up and create a personal account in order to get access to this website. As you are new here, you should take your time to input as much information as you can. Except for the basic information required by the website, you have to upload a display photo as well and this is a must. What motivates you to join this site is that you want to get involved in a serious sugar relationship to explore something exciting or find someone to pay your bill, unless you are just going to kill time from the start. Actually, there are much better options for you to kill time and this is a place where you are not welcome since it is only for romantic dating between rich men and young beautiful women.

How SugarDaddyForMe Works?

In the first place, gathers sugar daddies and sugar babies on this site coming from all over the world, including the USA, Australia, Canada, Germany, Spain and Britain and so on. Then, this site provides them with various dating features that can help users make serious sugar relationships into picture. Such a site seems to be running in a very simple way, but we have to say that it is the result of wisdom and hard work of the development team. Without these team members, SugarDaddyForMe would not have been able to consistently provide such excellent services to millions of users and always put their needs first.


You can create a profile for free and set up a personal album with as many photos as you wish. Your profile will be accessible to all users, but it is not so with your private album, unless they get your permission from you. Every user here thinks it is necessary since no one wants their privacy to be compromised. When you find someone meeting your needs, you can initiate a conversation at any time you want to enhance mutual understanding as long as you upgrade your membership. It doesn't matter if you don't pay, you can still check and respond to other users' internal emails without restriction. In the meanwhile, there are other ways of interacting with others on this sugar baby site and you are supposed to get enough chances to establish a relationship with someone. In addition to interactive features, SugarDaddyForMe also offers a communication platform on which you can read successful stories and experience shared by other users and you may get some inspiration on how to make great arrangements with your ideal daddy or baby.


The fact that each user can get a free 3-day trial makes the site a little different, and users only get one chance, regardless of which premium membership they choose. However, many users feel cheated after being charged automatically by SugarDaddyForMe because they ignore the reminder that the renewal will be done after the 3-days free trial. So, if you don't think the site is what you want and you don't want to be automatically charged, remember to cancel the auto-renewal in advance. If you wish to continue using this site, then you should know the following two membership rates and choose one to pay through the payment channel provided by this sugar daddy dating website.

1. Silver Membership: $29.95 per month.
2. Gold Membership: $34.95 per month.

Final Words

It doesn't take long to try it out, you'll know that the site is very efficient. Not only in terms of the number and quality of users, but also in terms of the authenticity of users, this website can guarantee that you will not be disappointed. So far, few fake users have been able to get into the site without being detected by the support team, thanks to its productive work.

However, the site still has some flaws, such as simple navigation and a slightly cluttered and outdated page. Compared with other similar sites, SugarDaddyForMe is not attractive enough, even though it tries to present all the best things to users. Despite the development team's efforts, we thought it was time to come up with some innovative ideas to make the site more compelling for users to stay. Overall, it should be listed as one of the greatest sugar daddy sites online since you can actually interact with other like-minded people here.

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