Do You Want Pay Per Date Or Regular Allowance

How to receive your allowance from sugar daddies can be a big question for you to consider. You may get your sugar per date, or you can get a weekly or a monthly allowance. you should consider this question before you visit a sugar daddy dating site. It seems no difference between these two ways except for the frequency. But deep inside, there are some details that you need to notice. If you don’t look deeply and decide the most suitable way to receive your allowance, you may get into trouble or you may feel uncomfortable in the end. Let’s have a look.

Let’s talk about the pay per date first. This way means that you get your sugar every time you meet your sugar daddy. He will give you a certain money in the end of your meeting and then he will be gone. It sounds like a pretty good choice for you because it is instant. You can get what you should get when your date ends, which will avoid any unexpected things that may prevent you from getting the money that should paid to you. Since every time you will get some, it is easier to get a raise because your sugar daddy will not pay attention to such a little money. It is unlike a weekly or monthly allowance, there is no fixed amount of your sugar if you choose to pay per date.

Sugar babies are not the only party that prefer this method. Most sugar daddies also like to pay per date because they only need to give you a small sum of money and both of you can be happy and satisfied. He will be glad that he can help. Besides, this way will allow you to have more free time because your meeting time will not be arranged. It will be random more or less.

However, there are also disadvantages to this method. For sugar babies, every time they will receive only a small amount of money, which may make it hard for them to make a big change for their life. And there is also no space for them to save money for themselves. Moreover, it will not be consistent. Because sugar daddies have paid you for the last meeting, he may be busy and forget to arrange a meeting with you. This way, you will not receive the sugar for a long time. And it is not reasonable to ask for an allowance when there is no meeting since you choose to pay per date. And the biggest problem is that this may be a short time arrangement since he has no string attached. When he wants to find a new sugar baby on a sugar daddy arrangement site, then he will go. Even if you are waiting for him, he will never think of you because he doesn’t owe you anything at all. So, if he doesn’t call you to meet for a long time, you should notice that there may be something wrong with your sugar dating. Try to figure it out carefully without destroying your relationship if there is nothing changed.

Weekly or monthly allowance payment method is also popular among sugar babies. Compared with pay per date, this method is very consistent. You can set a fixed day to receive your allowance and make sure that your sugar daddy knows it. Since it is paid every week or every month, you will get a large amount of money that day. It will make you happy and excited since you can take big advantage of such a large sum of money. There is one advantage of this payment method, which is that you may get extra money or gifts on your every date. Generous sugar daddies may not like to have a date without giving their sugar babies nothing. Maybe a trip will be rewarded sometimes.

However, sugar a big amount of money is something that may make your sugar daddies feel uncomfortable. So, it is better to meet as many as rich men on sugar daddy websites and find out the most generous ones to contact. And you can talk about the allowance with them before it started, which will help avoid feeling uncomfortable later. More money means more companionship, which means that your sugar daddy may ask for meetings frequently and you don’t get the chance to say NO. However, you can also refuse when you are really really not in a good mood. He will forgive you if you are not lying to him. Moreover, there is one disadvantage that you may not receive your allowance if your sugar daddy suddenly decides to end the relationship or he just experiences bankrupt.

No matter you choose PPD or regular allowance, there will be benefits and downsides. The most important thing is that you can try your best to be a better sugar daddy and get your allowance without feeling guilty.

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